Adaptive Leaders Needed

Leaders Are the Levers Who Make a Difference

adaptive leaders neededIn today’s business context, digitalisation and globalisation have made all industries – from IT to healthcare to retail – more volatile and complex. This dynamic environment has only increased the challenges of organisations to react quickly and stay ahead of their competition. This growing need for adaptability has also widened the strategy execution gap.

In the midst of this increasing ambiguity, the role of strategic project-based work within organisations has grown exponentially. So how can we align the growth of project-based work with the difficulty of executing successful strategic projects?

Adaptive Leaders Needed discusses:

  • The growth of project-based work and how it has become the lifeline of strategy
  • How to develop adaptive leaders who are at the core of the fundamental domains of strategy, work, and people
  • The unique and powerful partnership between Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education

Leading project-based work today requires skills beyond managing tasks and timelines. Developing leaders’ skills is the best way for an organisation to ensure higher levels of engagement and project success.