How the PMO Can Understand, Measure, and Report the Business Impact of Projects

Measuring Project Success Beyond on Time, on Budget

How the PMO Can Understand, Measure and Report the Business Impact of ProjectsMeasuring the business impact of projects, initiatives, and launches is complicated. Since project management offices (PMOs) offer a broad spectrum of services to various parts of an organisation, calculating return on investment (ROI) is often a challenge. That said, it doesn’t matter if an initiative was on time and under budget if it was doomed for failure from the start. The best project leads don’t limit measurement to on-time and on-budget metrics for that very reason.

How the PMO Can Understand, Measure and Report the Business Impact of Projects discusses:

  • How the PMO can better understand the business and create measurements that make the PMO irreplaceable for business success
  • The complexities of ROI calculation in a project-based environment
  • How to best equip project teams to deliver the most immediate, measurable impact

When evaluating the performance of the project team, it is important to remember that it’s not about the PMO being successful — it is about the business being successful. If you are unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your efforts generate more value than they cost, you risk losing your programme. Every business is different and the PMO needs to understand how the business facilitates and measures success and then operate within that context.