Emerging Trends in Project Management and Project-Based Organisations

Emerging Trends in Project Management and Project-Based Organisations

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In 2019, Strategy Execution conducted a global survey among project execution professionals across the world to better understand the skill and capability gaps preventing organisations from executing successfully on their most critical strategic priorities. In addition, we also worked with our partners at Duke Corporate Education to analyse the state of project management and the project-based economy.

This report also highlights the growing trend of Project-Based Organisations (PBO) which organise themselves around project-based work as supposed to operational activities.

In our project driven world, project-based work framework is a fast emerging trend.

Yet, many organisations still struggle to understand how to structure themselves to effectively create a strategic advantage from projects and to create synergy between strategy, project, programme and portfolio management.

The impact of this project-based organisational structure shift has also led to a project management knowledge gap amongst workers who have rapidly been engaged in this new project-based way of working.


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