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Course Overview Webinar: Managing Projects

A Dive Into Strategy Execution’s Project Management Curriculum

PRWebinar_ManagingProjects Projects are the means by which all work gets done in an organization. They’re how strategy is achieved. The technique behind effectively managing the triple constraint – cost, scope, and time – of projects can dramatically affect how an organization propels itself toward its goals. Strategy Execution’s foundational project management course, Managing Projects, gives students the fundamental tools and skills to take a project from ideation to completion.

In this webinar, Pat Peters, one of Strategy Execution’s Senior Instructors, explains the core concepts of Managing Projects and explores how they apply to your environment.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Get an overview of Managing Projects and Strategy Execution’s project management curriculum
  • Understand which project management skills, concepts, and techniques are essential for your development as a project manager
  • Develop an understanding of how important it is to set realistic, measurable objectives and ensure positive results