Overcoming Barriers to Successful Strategy Execution

Status Check: Common Barriers to Strategy Execution and How to Overcome Them

Webinar_Overcoming Barriers_CTAOrganisations spend a good deal of time and effort developing and communicating their strategies to ensure they are understood by all. But how clear is this strategy to you? Many organisations struggle with actually executing their strategies in manners that achieve intended results. When you consider that high-performing organisations are twice as likely to have alignment of projects with organisational strategy, it is clear that strategy execution – the translation of smart strategies into effective results – is crucial.

Overcoming Barriers to Successful Strategy Execution discusses: 

  • Understanding the consequences of misalignment of strategy and execution
  • How the highest performing organisations achieve alignment 
  • Identifying common barriers to strategy execution success (and how to overcome them)

John Warren, Global Consultant at Leading Great Work dives into strategic execution and identifies the causes and impact of misalignment that hinder organisational success. Learn some of the common barriers to effective strategy execution and how you can address them to move your organisation to stronger alignment between its espoused strategy and its actual implementation through project-based work.