Curriculum Overview Webinar: The Strategic Potential of Project Management

A Dive Into Strategy Execution’s Project Management Curriculum

Projects are the building blocks of strategy. They are the mechanism by which organisations get work done. With this in mind, mastering the traditional skills germane to project management, such as managing tasks and timelines, is essential to business success. Project management training can advance your career while helping you contribute to the strategic goals of your organisation.

In this webinar, Joe Czarnecki, Strategy Execution’s Vice President of Product Development and Sales Support, explains the core concepts of project management and explores how they apply to your environment.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Explore the foundational concepts of project management within Strategy Execution’s curriculum
  • Learn how our project management courses can help you broaden your skill set to elevate your business acumen
  • Evaluate the tools and topics used in our courses to help you approach and solve business problems strategically