Is Your Talent Equipped to Achieve Goals?

How Strategic Project Leadership Training Drives Business Success

Is Your Talent Equipped to Achieve Goals?In the context on the modern business environment, effective project leadership bridges strategy and execution. It provides guidance for assessing training needs and selecting a professional development programme that meets business requirements while also helping individual employees with their personal growth expectations and goals.

Is Your Talent Equipped to Achieve Goals? discusses:

  • How most business activity falls into the realm of projects even though the labels may vary (i.e. product launch strategic initiative, department reorganisation)
  • The signs that your team is trying to manage project-based work without the technical and relational skills critical to project success
  • How an investment in training and development for your team can bridge the gap between strategy and execution and also establish a culture that attracts, develops and retains top talent

Business success depends on the delivery of an ever-changing, ever-growing series of projects, programmes and portfolios. As a line-of-business leader, to drive success you must effectively manage talent against new demands and requirements. With much of the workforce devoted to executing against strategic initiatives, one way to upskill for success and talent retention is to invest in the competencies required to deliver projects effectively.