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High Impact Communication

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Totala PDU 22.5 22.5
Teknisk projektledning PDUs 0 0
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  • CEUs: 2.25
  • CPEs: 27
  • Field of Study: Management Advisory Services

Without communication skills, technical capabilities are not worth as much as they could be. Even the best ideas, strategies and work plans must be effectively communicated to have value. In our information-overloaded business world, being heard and getting what you need is more challenging than ever.

This course teaches techniques for creating high-impact, meaningful communication with co-workers, clients and stakeholders. Through practical exercises, group discussions and case studies, delegates will learn how to determine their own communication style, identify the communication styles of the audience and adapt the delivery accordingly. This course will provide hands-on practice in crafting persuasive messages, facilitating dialogue and making powerful communications. It will address common communication fallacies and ways to identify where a miscommunication has occurred. The course will also address issues related to communication in a virtual and global environment.

Attendees will walk away from the course firmly grounded in key communication techniques as well as possessing the additional tools necessary to apply these techniques to their work environment. They will also be able to implement standard communication planning processes to ensure that every communication is high-impact and well-structured.

Vad kommer jag att lära mig?
  • Deliver persuasive communications that achieve the outcomes you want
  • Adapt your communication style to the receiver’s style for greater impact
  • Work and dialogue more effectively in small groups
  • Select the most appropriate medium and structure for high-impact communication
  • Implement techniques and strategies to create high-impact communication
  • Plan your communications and meetings for maximum results

This course uses digital materials.


  • Communication Intelligence

    Strategy Execution’s communication model

    Communication factors

    Emotional awareness

    What’s my communication style?

    Communication styles

  • Planning Messages

    Strategy Execution’s Communication Model 

    Strategy Execution’s communication planning process 

    Audience analysis 

    Overcoming objections 

  • Message Structure





    Visual aids 

    Different learning styles 

    Persuasive oral communication 

  • Message Delivery



    Q&A sessions 


    Persuasive presentation skills 

  • Effective Meetings

    Business meetings



    Active listening 

    Question types 

    Dialogue (vs. discussion) 

    Meeting facilitation 

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