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Aligning Project Management with Organisational Strategy

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Utbildningsformat Totala PDU Teknisk projektledning PDUs Ledarskap PDU Strategi och affärsledning PDUs PMI RMP PMI SP PMI ACP PfMP PMI PBA
Företagsanpassad 22.5 6.5 0 16 0 0 0 0 0
Utbildningsformat Företagsanpassad
Totala PDU 22.5
Teknisk projektledning PDUs 6.5
Ledarskap PDU 0
Strategi och affärsledning PDUs 16
PfMP 0
  • CEUs: 2.2
  • CPEs: 27
  • Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Today’s business climate is characterised by unprecedented changes in technology and globalisation, as well as by complex business relationships and the unrelenting drive for competitive success. In this highly stressful environment, it is essential for project managers to think and act strategically, and ask questions such as: How does an organisation formulate a strategy to achieve competitive success? How do projects contribute to the implementation of the organisation’s strategy? How should a project manager develop a project strategy that supports organisational strategic and business goals?

Aligning Project Management with Organisational Strategy gives an in-depth analysis of the process leading from business strategy formation to portfolio development, focusing on how to link a project to the business strategy, apply and maintain alignment of the project strategy and manage the expectations and interests of those who have a stake in the project outcome. Thought-provoking discussions and stimulating exercises highlight this dynamic, timely course.

Attendees will learn how to use a project ranking tool that can be used within your organisation to prioritise strategic projects. This tool is designed to help the project manager ask the right questions in order to understand how the project fits into their organisation’s strategic initiatives.

Vad kommer jag att lära mig?
  • Support top-level strategy formulation
  • Link organisational strategy from business strategy to portfolio development to project implementation
  • Ensure project credibility by aligning your project with your organisation’s goals, objectives and strategies
  • Create and implement an appropriate strategy for your project
  • Communicate your strategy to the project team, the customer, and other project stakeholders
  • Manage stakeholder expectations to maintain portfolio/project alignment

This course utilises digital materials

  • Organisational Strategy: Approaches and Techniques

    Strategy as a key to organisational success

    Elements of a successful strategy

    The relationship between strategy and achievability

    Strategy assessments

    Classic approaches and techniques for level-setting strategic thinking

    Toward setting up a culture of strategic thinking

  • Organisational Strategy in Context

    Strategy defined

    Strategy as a way to achieve organisational success

    Paradigm shifts and their impact—how change influences strategy

    Forces for business change

    The impact of organisational constraints on strategy

  • Portfolio Management Strategic Context

    Defining a portfolio

    Identifying projects included in a portfolio

    The impact of portfolio management on strategy

    Challenges and benefits of portfolio management

    Influential roles in portfolio management

  • Portfolio Set-Up and Maintenance

    Setting up a successful project portfolio

    Organisational influences of portfolios

    Generating potential portfolio projects

    Steps in selecting portfolio projects

    Integrating new projects into an existing portfolio

    Project performance and project gateway reviews

    The project filtering process

  • Strategic Project Management

    Strategic vs. classic project management

    Aligning projects with strategy

    The role of the project team

    The importance of managing change that affects strategic projects

    Anticipating and managing stakeholder expectations and resistance

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